Learn Canvas

Learn Teaching & Learning Technologies from Emory’s Experts

There are a lot of ways to use instructional technology—and a lot of ways to learn how and how best to do it.

Teaching & Learning Technologies offers One-on-One Consultations for individualized help with Canvas and other instructional technologies. Schedule one now, or learn more about the Consultation service.

Our Canvas Training offerings include live, scheduled sessions and on-demand courses you can take at your own pace.

Getting Started with Canvas is a good entry point if you want to start right now. We also offer Templates in Canvas and a one-page Course Design Guide (PDF) to help you through them.

As part of our commitment to helping every student learn, we can also help you Make your Canvas Courses Accessible.

Whatever you do, know that we’re your partners in learning instructional technologies. If you need any help, please schedule a Canvas Consultation today or reach out to us by email at classes@emory.edu.